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  • "I went from ZERO stockists to having my products on the shelves of over 1,000 stores across North America"

    - the Wholesale Hero

  • The Hero You Need

    About Dan Fallak

    Wholesale is what I do, and I do it pretty well. In the past seven years I've built and launched multiple independent brands by relying on my sharp eye for market trends, my understanding of consumer behaviour and my instincts that tell me what kinds of things people will like. But most importantly, I've relied on my strong ability to get my products on the shelves of retailers.


    My four different consumer brand products are VersaTile marble drink coasters, AdultingFTW adulting award ribbons, Amazeballs drink chillers, and Runway airport art prints. What I have learned managing those product lines is that I'm really really good at sales -- specifically wholesale sales.


    Now I'm compiling all the knowledge I've learned over the past seven years dealing with both small independent retailers and buyers from major chain stores, and I am helping coach local makers who are dedicated, willing, and ready to take their wholesale game to the next level. If that description sounds like you, then we NEED to meet!

  • "I walked away from a government job to make & sell drink coasters. Crazy right? Well, that was seven years ago."

    - the Wholesale Hero

  • Who I've Worked With

    Along with the 100's upon 100's of independent gift shops & boutiques across North America, I also have experience getting my small independent brands into major retail chain stores like:






    Dragon Slayer

    Dan sealed a deal on Season 10 of the hit CBC reality show Dragons' Den!











  • If this sounds like you...

    ...then we need to chat.

    "I don't know how to get into stores."


    "No one emails me back."


    "I wish I could get more stockists."


    "I just wish STORE-X could see my product."


    "Where can I find that buyers' email address?"


    "My product would be perfect in that store."


    "If I was in more stores I could do this full time."



    You ARE ready for this!

    1 HR Wholesale Hero Coaching Session
    1 HR Wholesale Hero Coaching Session
    ***Only 4 Slots Available***

    In your 1-on-1 coaching session, YOU WILL LEARN:

    - My secret to quickly harvest 100's of stockist contacts
    - How I find contact info for buyers at major retailers
    - My favourite tools for lead list generation
    - How to sell into the USA & gain from foreign exchange
    - How to survive now that Etsy Wholesale is closed

    You can also ask questions and get feedback on your business!

    PLUS: if you happen to have a product line that is a perfect fit for any of my existing clients - their MAY be an opportunity for a direct introduction from me!
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